Duke's interest in music came after watching the Ed Sullivan Show, when he was 14 years old. He then picked up his first guitar and toured the Midwest for the next 12 years with several bands. However this career choice took a back seat after he got married. Instead he carved a fruitful career in retail which then focused on custom made suits. That is another story which I will tell you some other day.
With two grown sons and a few beautiful grand children, Duke revived his passion and now makes music a creative outlet during the longest vacation of his life aka retirement 😊
Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Duke has twelve albums under his belt. He continues to write music with great passion and performs when opportunities arise.
His albums No Strings, Liquid Sound, The Third Eye to Eternity, Elements of Change and Uptown Downtown are available in most streaming services. Please check them out! For a short preview, click on the video below:
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